Navigating the Capital Markets with Insight Capital Partners: Frequently Asked Questions

  • David Campbell

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Blog by Insight Capital Partners

For small and mid-cap companies, the capital markets can be a challenging and complex environment. Insight Capital Partners (ICP) is a leading consulting firm specializing in helping these businesses navigate the financial landscape and unlock the full potential of their public listings. This blog will address some frequently asked questions about ICP's services, expertise, and the unique value they bring to small and mid-cap companies.

What is the primary function of Insight Capital Partners?
ICP is a consulting firm that focuses on helping small and mid-cap companies bridge the gap between catalyst events and maximize the value of their public listings. They offer Power Reporting and Consulting Services designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of trading activity, access to capital markets expertise, and strategies to address market activity inhibiting decision-making.

How can ICP help my small or mid-cap company?
ICP can help your company by providing a deeper understanding of trading activity surrounding your public listing, including identifying anonymous trading, understanding shareholder base and position sizes, and discerning between different types of trading activities. Additionally, ICP's Consulting Services offer access to capital markets experts, real-time analysis of market activity, and guidance through critical catalyst events to ensure your company makes strategic decisions that foster growth and success.

Why should I choose Insight Capital Partners?
Choosing ICP means gaining access to a team of highly experienced professionals with over 80 years of combined capital market experience. Their extensive buy and sell-side institutional knowledge, including equity sales, investment banking, trading, portfolio management, and compliance, enables them to provide valuable insights and guidance for your company. ICP's relationships with all facets of trading and banking in Canada further enhance their ability to serve your needs effectively.

What services does Insight Capital Partners offer?
ICP offers two primary services: Power Reporting and Consulting Services. Power Reporting uses a proprietary automated reporting solution to provide a comprehensive understanding of trading activity related to your public listing. Consulting Services offer access to capital markets experts who can analyze market activity and provide valuable insights to help you achieve your business objectives.

How does ICP's Power Reporting work?
ICP's Power Reporting service utilizes a proprietary automated reporting solution combined with their experienced overlay to help you identify anonymous trading activity, understand the types of accounts and shareholders trading your stock, and identify position sizes within each account. This comprehensive understanding of your trading activity enables you to make more informed decisions and better communicate with stakeholders.

What are the benefits of ICP's Consulting Services?
ICP's Consulting Services provide numerous benefits, including unbiased market commentary, monthly reports for management and board review, real-time access to capital markets experts, and insights into trading activity around your stock. By leveraging their team's extensive experience and industry relationships, ICP can help you navigate critical catalyst events, make strategic business decisions, and foster growth and success.

What makes ICPS’s Market Making service “premium”? 
ICPS’s market making service provides several benefits that make them premium, such as not only simply maintaining a quote, but providing meaningful liquidity that will satisfy the shareholders of a company. They also have connections to Bay Street trading desks in order to provide clarity into the trading of your stock, allowing them to clear blocks of selling and get your stock to more accurately reflect your companies achievements. ICPS also has extensive institutional knowledge and experience that comes with a vast network to draw company awareness and profile. This same group can also unlock the anonymous trading in your stock by providing timely and accurate reporting on which accounts are buying and selling your stock anonymously.


Insight Capital Partners is dedicated to helping small and mid-cap companies navigate the complexities of the capital markets and maximize the value of their public listings. Through their Power Reporting and Consulting Services, ICP provides the knowledge and expertise necessary to make informed decisions and unlock your company's full potential. If you have further questions or would like to learn more about how ICP can help your business, don't hesitate to get in touch by calling (647) 873-8519 or emailing or Let Insight Capital Partners be your trusted partner in the capital markets, guiding your company toward growth and success.