Insight Capital Partners: Empowering Smarter Decisions through Capital Markets Consulting

  • Ian Clark

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Insight Capital Partners (ICP) is a leading consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in small and mid-cap consulting. Serving clients across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, ICP is committed to helping small and mid-cap companies bridge the gap between catalyst events and maximize the value of their public listings. Through our proprietary Power Reporting system and Consulting services, ICP enables businesses to make smarter decisions, improve stakeholder value, and unlock the full potential of their public listings.

Services Offered

1.Power Reporting
ICP's Power Reporting service utilizes a proprietary automated reporting solution combined with an experienced overlay to help clients identify anonymous trading activity, understand the types of accounts and shareholders trading their stock, and identify position sizes within each account. This comprehensive understanding allows businesses to convey more intelligent information to all stakeholders, leveraging data they already have, but are not utilizing.

Insight Capital Partners' Consulting Services focuses on bridging the gap between catalyst events for small and mid-cap companies. Our team has established relationships with various facets of trading and banking in Canada, including small and large investment advisors, independent broker-dealers, and trading desks. ICP's Consulting Services provide an unbiased market commentary, monthly reports for management and board review, real-time trading insights, and the quantitative and qualitative information needed to understand capital markets comprehensively.

Distinct Competencies

For Power Reporting, ICP's distinct competencies include:

•    Identifying anonymous trading activity
•    Understanding trading patterns and discerning between retail, high-frequency, and institutional trading
•    Gaining a deeper understanding of the shareholder base in real-time
•    Identifying constraints inhibiting business objective decision-making

For Consulting Services, ICP's distinct competencies include:

•    Access to capital markets experts in real-time, with updates when there are material changes throughout the day
•    Optimizing communication with various market participants to understand market trade flow
•    Ability to have a more comprehensive understanding of your stock, which will allow you to make smarter, more informed business decisions

Company Bio and Team Experience

Established in 2017, Insight Capital Partners boasts over 80 years of collective capital market experience. Our team comprises two partners and three senior capital markets professionals with extensive buy-side and sell-side institutional experience in equity sales, investment banking, trading, portfolio management, and compliance. The team's relationships span all facets of trading and banking in Canada, making them valuable assets to their clients.

Insight Capital Partners is dedicated to empowering small and mid-cap companies across Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Calgary, Alberta, to make smarter decisions and unlock the full potential of their public listings. To learn more about our services, visit our website or get in touch with us by calling (647) 873-8519 or emailing or